22nd June 2015

Muay Thai

In order to be proficient in self-defence and combat martial arts one has to train in all ranges and at Carlson Gracie Team we believe Thai Boxing is the most relevant striking martial art.

In Thai boxing the students will learn to use all of their limbs to fight when standing. With hands, feet, elbows, shins and knees the Thai boxer is able to use a wide range of techniques that are not available to traditional boxers of kick boxers.

As it is unrealistic to train striking at full power (due to risk of injury) there is less live sparing in the Thai Boxing classes than BJJ and the majority of your skill will be honed working on pads or bags although we run regular sparring classes in order to practice against a resisting opponent.

Sparring in Thai Boxing varies in intensity from light to full power and is an optional part of the curriculum.

All the Thai Boxing classes are taught by Attila Varga; Attila learnt this art at the legendary Hungarian Thai fight Team in Budapest. Attilas information can be found on the instructor page.