22nd June 2015


The sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) has grown enormously in recent years and at Carlson Gracie London we have been involved since the very beginning in the UK with our students representing at the highest levels nationally.

Our philosophy on MMA is one of long term development of the necessary skills required for each student to reach their maximum potential and that involves training your striking, grappling and takedowns with expert coaches in each field.

Once you are a minimum of blue belt level in BJJ you may be able to represent Carlson Gracie London in MMA matches and we are able to find the right fights and manage your career to help you to achieve your goals.

With classes focused on striking and wrestling for MMA as well as a comprehensive range of nogi BJJ classes on offer all the tools for building your MMA repertoire are available, all that is required to succeed with that is your hard work and dedication.

Our MMA coach and pro fighter Brendan Flanagan will help you to decide the best path to take and how to maximize your potential so come along to try out our classes to see how far you can go. With the huge amount of martial arts expertise available at Carlson Gracie London we have the potential to take you all the way to the top.

For more info on how to start your own MMA program please speak to reception to arrange for your free trial class.