22nd June 2015

Fitness Classes

In order to supplement your Martial Arts training we offer a number of options to work on your strength and conditioning. As well as our weights area with squat rack, deadlift rack, benchpress and cardio machines we also offer classes for those who prefer to be instructed.

Kettlebells: It is essential to train kettlebells with good form to minimise the chance of injury and to maximise the returns from your training. Attila Varga, a level 2 certified Kettlebells coach is passionate about your training and your goals. He will do his very best to ensure you make progress in your strength training. We offer morning and evening kettlebell classes to ensure there is one that suits your timetable.

Yoga: Flexibility and core strength is essential for the Martial artist and the best way to achieve this is through regular yoga training. Our instructors take morning and afternoon classes that will allow you to find time to fit yoga into your training programme. Classes are 45 minutes long and suitable for all levels.

Conditioning: As well as the notorious “hurricanes” that take place regularly in the weights area with competitors working on their cardio we offer a conditioning class on Wednesday mornings for those who want to be pushed. A 45 minute cardio and conditioning session with Josh Turner will certainly prove a great addition to your training schedule.